Here is a list of useful books. If you have any that you would like us to take a look,please feel free to email the webmaster with your suggestions. Please include the ISBN # so that it will be easier for us to find the book.


Body and Clothes.
R. Broby Johansen. UNR Call # GT 510.B7313 1968c

Military Revolution in Sixteenth Century Europe.
David Eltis. 1995 ISBN 0-7607-0765-0

English Weapons & Warfare 449-1660.
A.V.B. Norman, Don Pottinger. 1992 ISBN 0-88029-044-7

One Million Mercenaries.
John McCormack. 1993 ISBN 0-85052-312-5

Warfare, Renaissance to Revolution 1492-1792.
Jeremy Black. 1996 ISBN 0-521-47033-1

Arms & Armour of the Medieval Knight.
David Edge, John Miles Paddock. 1996 ISBN 0-517-10319-2

The Medieval Knight at War.
Brooks Robards. 1997 ISBN 0-7607-0718-9

Pavia 1525. Osprey Military Series.
Angus Konstam. 1996 ISBN 1-85532-504-7

The Landsknechts. Osprey Military Series.
Douglas Miller, G.A. Embleton. 1995 ISBN 0-85045-258-9

Henry VIII's Army. Osprey Military Series.
Paul Cornish, Angus McBride. 1996 ISBN 0-85045-798-x

Cultural Atlas of the Renaissance.
C.F. Black, Mark Greengrass, David Howarth, Jeremy Lawrence,
Richard Mackenney, Martin Rady, Evelyn Welch. 1993 ISBN 0-671-86523-4

Timelines of War.
David Brownstone, Irene Franck. 1996 ISBN 0-316-1147-2

Weapons, An International Encyclopedia from 5,000 B.C. to 2,000 A.D.
The Diagram Group. 1990 ISBN 0-312-03950-6

Swords and Hilt Weapons.
Michael Coe, Peter Connolly, Anthony Harding, Victor Harris,
Donald LaRocha, Anthony North, Thom Richardson, Christopher Spring,
Frederick Wilkinson. 1996 ISBN 1-56619-249-8

The Historical Encyclopedia of Costumes.
Albert Racinet. 1995 ISBN 0-8160-1976-2

A History of Arms.
William Reid. 1997 ISBN 0-7607-0707-3

Historic Pictures in Costume.
Braun & Schneider. 1975 ISBN 0-486-23150-x

An Historical Guide to Arms & Armor.
Stephen Bull 1991 ISBN 0-8160-2620-3

War in the Middle Ages.
Phillippe Contamine. 1998 ISBN 0-7607-0737-5

The Renaissance European painting 1400-1600.
Charles McCorquodale. 1994 ISBN 1-85891-9-892-8

Arms and Armour in Antiquity and the Middle Ages.
Charles Boutell. 1996 ISBN 0938289-77-2

Costume & Fashion.
James Laver. 1995 ISBN 0-500-20266-4

A History of Costume.
Carl Koehler. 1963 ISBN 0-486-21030-8

The German Single-Leaf Woodcut 1600-1700.
Dorothy Alexander, Walter L. Strauss. 1997 ISBN 0-913870-05-0

What Life Was Like in Europe’s Golden Age.
Time Life Books. 1999 ISBN 0-7835-5464-8


The Scholar’s Bookshelf
110 Melrich Rd
Cranbury, Nj 08512
Books and video for all periods Military, History, Fine Arts,
Literature, Religion & Philosophy, Baseball.


These Weapons & Armor sources may contain
many things besides the Landsknecht based items
I found in each of them. Please tell them you found
out about them through,
and don't forget to ask about discounts
for Rennies or Guilds.

J.F Schroter Antique Arms
P.O. Box 10794
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Book References, Katzbalger, Zweihander, daggers, period firearms.

Ostriches Online
2218 N. 75th Avenue
Elmwood Park, Il 60707
Colored ostrich feathers from 5-30 inches

Chivalry Sports
P.O. Box 18904
Tucson, Az 85731
Period clothing, armor, games and books.

Museum Replicas
P.O. Box 840
Conyers, Ga 30021
Katzbalger, zweihanders, armor, chain mail and general weaponry.

Historic Enterprises
*Black Swan Designs-custom clothing
*Swan & Lion Sutlery-badges, buttons & accoutrements
*Historic Arms & Armor-Swords & armor


Flesh & Blood (1985)
Rutger Hauer as a Landsknecht,
Please see the review in Renaissance Magazine Vol.4#1
*Can be purchased online at Yahoo! Shopping.


Renaissance Dancewear
2284 N. Brunswick Fresno, CA 93722
(559) 271-1411
Pre-striped and solid color tights for Landsknechts.

Black Swan Designs
Shirts and hose.

1450 S. La Luna Ojai, Ca 93023
Period shoes and leather accessories.